Damn, blast and buggeration, it has happened again, my own search for the moving and motivational has thrown up another diamond. ‘Chasing Light’ is one of those rare albums that grabs you immediately AND keeps on getting better with every listen. Built for the
Future’s debut release is a thing of rare wonder that resonates with me on a personal level, their commitment to delivering music that connects deeply with the listener has produced a record that shines brighter than most I have heard this year.


Every song is so nicely catchy that you are completely absorbed in it and you have to be careful that you don't suddenly start singing along in a full train. Take the title track Chasing Light, the chorus lingers for days, the floating neo-prog keys drive you time and again to the edge of your chair and the guitar work continues to taste more. The way in which the drums are put into the mix also contributes to the power of the music. The singing voice of Kenny Bissett is very pleasant to listen to and when the men sing together, it is always goosebumps on their arms.


I am always pleased to find a new album to review, and I highly recommend this one. The influence of some of the best symphonic prog bands is evident, but Farrell and Bissett add their own touch to the album, and what emerges is a distinct style worthy of praise. 


So, it was refreshing to hear something as simple and gorgeous as this debut album from Built for the Future. If you are a fan of neo-prog with a modern zest or perhaps that alternative bands of the 80’s, don’t hesitate to pick this album up soon.


Chasing Light turned out to be an extremely successful album, which can be reached by a fan of warm, melodic and well-arranged progressive music. This is the debut of the Built For The Future project from San Antonio, Texas. 


Chasing Light is an entertaining and respectful nod to the past, but it seems that there is enough talent here to make a bit more of their own musical statement moving forward. All things considered though, this release stands as an impressive debut for this new progressive rock duo.


This will most definitely end up in my top 5 for this year. I keep coming back to this one. Very listenable with lots of "catchy" tunes and excellent production. 


WALLS first single featured in PROG MAGAZINGE.